Patented Technology

Enviro/Sci Corp. is the licensee of several patents invented by its founder for wastewater treatment technology.

One patent is for the synchronized sampling of Sequencing Batch Reactor plants for process control and analysis as well a determination of kinetic parameters for setting the process control set points in Sequencing Batch Reactor plants.

PURPOSE: Provide a device that affords a method of controlling a sampling device in a manner that provides a means of obtaining discrete samples of the batch process during the batch’s reaction phases that is synchronized with the timers, level controls and devices controlling the batch reaction process. The samples may then be analyzed and process adjustment made based upon real-time loadings and performance.

RAMIFICATIONS: The wastewater industry employs batch treatment for the renovation of sewage. Presently, volumes and times for treatment are set for the batch process based upon assumed wastewater characteristics. Any substantial variations in waste characteristics or volume can cause the batch process to produce less than the desired degree of treatment mandated by Federal and State permits. The State of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has formed a task force to investigate the causes of the failure of many of these types of plants for not meeting their discharge limits.

NOVEL FEATURES: The novel feature of this device is that it allows for absentee discrete sampling of the process in synchronization with the factory supplied times and float setting. Biological treatment processes are based upon kinetic rates for specific reactions. This device allows for a unique sampling regime so that these rates can be determined. By being able to determine the rates for the reactions, adjustments can be made base on real data rather than factory assumed setting. The device allows for close to real time process adjustments.

ADVANTAGES: Prior to this device, no viable methods existed for sampling and evaluation of the performance of batch wastewater treatment processes other than some very expensive monitoring devices for ammonia and nitrate-nitrite or manual sampling throughout the treatment process. This device will allow one to sample, analyze and adjust process settings with real time data based upon actual conditions.

Another recently licensed patent is for a wastewater treatment process that produces nitrification and dinitrification at tempertures below 8 degrees C while improving plant performance at a full range of temperatures.

Description: This invention is a method for treating wastewater employing a combination of high surface area media,and selected biological materials for the improvement of oxic, anoxic and anaerobic types of activated sludge processes for enhanced process performance. This method of treating wastewater provides a high volume of effective surface area in any of the numerous activated sludge processes for both secondary treatment and biological nutrient removal processes.

This method of treatment can be employed by either new or existing treatment plants with the only modifications being the installation of the high surface area plastic media along with the dosed zeolitic material and biologicals. A much smaller volume of the plastic media is employed vs. the amount commonly employed in moving bed bioreactor processes. The zeolitic materials are dosed in at an approximate level of 20 parts per million, which will vary with each application. The biologicals are dosed in the 1 to 5 parts per million ranges, which also will vary with each application.

The method has demonstrated a 75% to 85% nitrate removal at 2 to 5 degrees Centigrade as well as 89% plus ammonia removals along with 96% removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand at these temperatures as well. When the temperature of the wastewater returned to above 8 degrees Centigrade improvements were in the 36% range for the same parameters over historical performance.

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