Services: Enviro/Sci Corp. provides a broad range of services in the environmental field. Its major area of expertise is in wastewater treatment, process optimization, troubleshooting, data management, software for reporting and operator training.

Wastewater Modeling: The use of mathematical models for the simulation and operation of wastewater treatment plants has been employed by Enviro/Sci Corp. since 1984. Numerous models have been developed for the specific needs of clients and have subsequently been adapted for use in many types of wastewater treatment plants. Enviro/Sci has not only developed its own models but also employs commercially available mathematical modeling software.

Since 2006 Enviro/Sci Corp. has been working with Dr. Dipankar Sen of Aquaregen the creator of the Aquifas wastewater modeling software for the development and adaptation of mathematical modeling to the operation and process control of wastewater treatment processes. Dr. Sen is presently collaborating with Enviro/Sci Corp. on the development of design and operation models for its patented wastewater treatment processes..

Operation Diagnostics & Troubleshooting: The stalwart of services provided by Enviro/Sci Corp. has been the troubleshooting and optimization of wastewater treatment plants which were incurring operational problems due to hydraulic and organic loadings as well as equipment problems. Enviro/Sci Corp.has developed many unique solutions to these problems which in turn has led to patented technology.